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George From: PA
"When I started, I coated every year but now I just touch-up."

Rick From: NC
"Customers like it, gives us repeat sales."

Vern From: IN
"Spray can lid is a b---h to get off, though the spray coats real thick."

Marcus From: NJ
"Tried the other spray paint but it wore off after two or three cuts. Clean Deck really lasts."

John From: KY
"I liked it so much at work mowing the cemeterys, I brought some home for around the house."

Charles From: NY
"First quart froze when UPS left it on my front porch in January but the replacement works."

Bill From: IL
"I had some spray left in the can from when I used it on my mower. So I sprayed my snow shovel. Nothing sticks to it pushing the snow just got a lot easier."

Marion From: OR
"Beats spraying with Pam every week. I've put it on the deck, chute, all areas where I would spray with Pam. Dirt doesn't stick, it's just amazing. Will never go back to the old ways again."

Don's Landscaping From: Chicago
"Your product really stands up to what you claim. I started out using it on my commercial mowers, since I have put it on all my tools. Clean up is a snap. I never would have thought it could work so well. Delivery of my order was very fast."

Wanda From: GA
"I Love the outdoors, from my 2 acre veggy garden too the 3 acres of lawn around the house I keep up. Years ago my husband said go for it. Finding the right tool means spending my hard earned money and Clean Deck has allowed me to keep those tools longer. I use it on everyone of them. It's a dry lubricant that really works. Dirt is a tools enemy and Clean Deck is the Army that wins. Thanks for such a Great Product."

Sammy From: CA
"Stumbled across your site. I presently grease and oil everything, learned that from Ask This Old House, this method is way better. You need to inform them that this is the ultimate method. Your website sounded like a great idea so I ordered a case of spray. I like the secure Google checkout but, it made me create an account, but I guess that's like all the others and heck if you can't trust Google who can you trust."

Lois From: ND
"Just a home owner. I used the spray on my 21" push mower. The grass flies out of the chute. Bottom of the deck is as clean as when I started. I'm a first time home owner so don't laugh too loud at my 21" I'm saving up for a big one."

Michael From: TX
"It is refreshing to find a product that works as claims."