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Founded by graphite expert, Bill Bagot, his sales executive wife, Shayna Bagot, and operations executive, Rodney Tuzman, Wilmar Graphite sells graphite coatings and powders for a wide range of consumer, industrial, and agricultural applications. Our mission is to deliver high quality, eco-friendly products. All Wilmar Graphite products use finely ground, high purity natural graphite flake graphite and are produced with minimal energy.

The Clean Deck and Slide Coat lines of graphite coatings provide a dry film coating which is non-stick, slippery and impervious to temperature extremes. In consumer applications, Clean Deck is used to minimize maintenance and extend the life of lawn care and snow removal equipment by ensuring that grass, snow, and other debris doesn’t adhere to any of the metal surfaces on the equipment. Slide Coat provides the same benefits for industrial and agricultural machinery including: car carriers, mobile shredders, rail switches, warehouse chutes, metal molds, marine propellers; cranes, gravity boxes, seed planters, screw conveyers, and harvest combines.

Wilmar Graphite also distributes Van Sickle’s line of graphite powders for agricultural and industrial lubrication applications.