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The difference between Wilmar Graphite Products:


Slide Coat No.1 Graphite, where graphite and heavy duty coating expertise come together to produce a dry slippery graphite coating that performs to an outstanding level. These coatings contain high purity, finely ground graphite combined with a unique strong binder system for a smooth long lasting coating that reduces rust and corrosion and can be applied to metal, plastic, wood, concrete and most other surfaces. These coatings are used in Agriculture, Transportation, Metal Industries and Services. Slide Coat is a natural alternative to oil and grease and will not chip, strip, freeze, attract dirt or wash off and can be painted on by brush, industrial spray or by using our heavy duty aerosol.

Graphite and graphite powder are valued in industrial applications for its self-lubricating and dry lubricating properties. An effect called superlubricity account for graphite's lubricating properties.

Wilmar Graphite High Performance Lubricants can be applied to metal, plastic, wood, concrete or most other surfaces to provide a dry slippery surface that will not run, freeze, attract dirt, wash off and retards rust. Replaces grease eliminating re greasing and constant cleaning. Our high performance graphite lubricants bond tightly to the substrate for long life, have a smooth finish to prevent chipping and in high pressure wear points will burnish in for longer lubrication.

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Wilmar Graphite’s High Purity Graphite Powders.

Natural graphite is a high temperature, dry solid lubricant that performs at extreme pressures and high temperatures. Used to fortify greases and oils, graphite leaves a lubricating residue as the carrier evaporates for long lasting lubrication. Natural graphite acts as an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, will not impede equipment performance and prevents sticking, corrosion and dirt build up.
Wilmar Graphite markets natural High Purity Graphite Powders with 85% carbon content and 15% ash which is an ideal lubrication composition, since the high purity provides excellent slipperiness and the small ash content prevents over filming of the mechanical parts. The powders are finely ground, sized less than 325 mesh, providing excellent dispersion.

Powdered Graphite is available in 1 pound and 5 pound containers and Graphite-Talc 80-20 in 8 lb Pail.

Wilmar Graphite offers Tube Graphite in a 6.5 gram tube for smaller applications.
Wilmar Graphite Powders are all packaged in the United States and are environmentally friendly.

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CLEAN DECK - The Original Graphite Undercoating for Lawn Mowers Commercial and Residential, used by Thousands of Satisfied customers since 2002.

It's a specialty graphite dry coating designed to reduce corrosion and eliminate clogging in grass cutting equipment. Coat the underside of the deck, the discharge chute, the blade and spindle, the axles, cables, any place that needs lubrication or areas that could rust. Designed to provide easy clean-up and extend the life of a lawnmower deck, it creates a long lasting easily maintainable, smooth finish, does not attract dirt, dust or rust, won't melt and will not freeze.

CLEAN DECK graphite is simple to apply and touch-up by brush or spray. Aerosol provides a fast drying coating for mower deck application. A very fine graphite base ensures uniform coating and allows for repeated application. Aerosol is available in a 12 oz. spray can. Brush on coating is available for heavy duty uses in quarts and gallons.

Formulation came about from the Agricultural industry. The need for a dry film lubricant as opposed to grease (not effective with dirt, seed or harvesting), one which could withstand the abuse and harshness that farming puts upon the equipment. If CLEAN DECK graphite can withstand that kind of wear & tear, just think how well it will work for you.

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