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Application Examples

high performance graphite lubricant


Application Examples 

  • Shovels - Hand Saws - Hand Blades - Chain Saw Bars - Reciprocating Shears - Snow removal equipment. Dirt Bikes - Hockey Blades - Pine Wood Derby Cars - Other Sports Equipment - Axles - Bike Chains - Sprokets.
  • Garage Door Rails - Latches - Gate Hinges/Locks The Possibilities Are Endless. 

Usage Facts 

  • Fact 1 - CLEAN DECK reduces corrosion, does not attract dirt, dust or rust, melt, freeze and extends the life of the lawn mower deck and all other tools.
  • Fact 2 - Second to none, CLEAN DECK is twice as thick, twice the amount in aerosol spray of the nearest competitor, for easier applications and longer lasting. Saving you time and money.
  • Fact 3 - But don't stop with your lawn mower, use CLEAN DECK on your Snow Blower before the winter starts. You will be amazed with the results.


Agricultural Application Examples 


Farm Applications using SLIDE COAT 1:

  • Save time, reduce wear and fuel use by getting rid of sticking and bridging by graphite coating Gravity Boxes, Seed Planters and Hoppers, Dry Fertilizer Spreaders, Silo Augers, Chutes & Shafts, Truck Beds, Wagon Beds, Dump Bins, Rice Planters, Corn Picker Heads, Bean Combines, Conveyor Chains, etc.
  • Coating of gravity boxes with SLIDE COAT 1 allows smooth unloading without having to rock or hammer the box and when applied to rotating equipment SLIDE COAT 1 will not wash off and will not pick-up dirt or dust.
  • Greater details and more information can be found on
  • Reduce down time, save fuel, extend equipment life and lessen maintenance by coating all your farm equipment and more with SLIDE COAT 1 — What Every Farm Should Have In Its Arsenal!


Spring is a major time for planting and it is important to maintain consistent seed flow through the seed planters. Use Graphite Powder with Case Planters and others needing a graphite coating on the discs to provide a uniform flow. Use Talc/Graphite Powder with John Deere Planters..

Fall is the time to clean-up equipment and ready it for the next growing season.
THE AGRICULTURAL INDUSTRY - Exclusive Information Read More -->


Commercial - Industrial Application Examples 

Industrial graphite coatings

Transportation Applications using  SLIDE COAT 1:

  • Reduce wear and effort by lubricating with a graphite coating on Height Beams and Pull Out Ramps on Car Carrier Trailers, Railroad Switches, Warehouse Distribution Chutes, Trailer Extensions, Boat Trailer Winches and Jacks, Forklift Truck Forks plus Extensions, Garbage Bin Truck Rails and many more.

Metal Industry Applications using  SLIDE COAT 1:

  • Save time and effort by using a graphite coating as a parting agent for Aluminum Billet Extrusion, Aluminum Anode Stem Coating for Smelting, Hot Metal Molds, etc.
  • Reduce wear by lubricating Aluminum Extrusion Guides, Hot Iron Slide Gates, Crane Rails, Electrical Conductors and Collector Shoes and Rails, etc.
  • Avoid build-up of dust on extractor fans and enclosures in bag houses by using a graphite coating.

Service Industry Applications using  SLIDE COAT 1:

  • Prevent paper or product hang-ups by graphite coating Input and Outlet Chutes and Cutting Heads of Mobile and Stationary Paper Shredders, Truck Beds of Mobile Paper Shredders and Recycling Bins for Plastic, etc.
  • Reduce down time, extend equipment life and lessen maintenance by graphite coating Utility Truck Stabilizer Legs and Outriggers, Crane Booms, Wood Chip Truck Beds, Wood Chipper Deflectors and Chutes, Snow Plows, Salt Spreaders, Garbage Bins, Asphalt Pavers and many more.

SLIDE COAT 1 will air cure and bond within 72 hours and is available in quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. SLIDE COAT 1 is water based, so it cleans up easily with soap and water.

SLIDE COAT 1 Aerosol has the highest purity natural graphite content of any available aerosol. It contains the highest amount of graphite of any graphite aerosol available on the US market and lays down a heavy duty coating which is easy to spray. Apply multiple thin coats for the smoothest slippery surface. Available in 12 oz. spray cans.


Shredder graphite coatings

Graphite smoothes the way in paper shredding.
Eight years ago we were approached by a local mobile shredder who was having sticking problems with paper and cardboard in his entry chute and his tilt floor evacuation. We tested out our Slide Coat No.1 which solved his problems overnight.


Crane Booms

Graphite lubrication of extending crane booms.
Crane boom manufacturers sometimes combine graphite coatings with grease as a dual lubrication system on the sliding surfaces of the boom. This approach of belt and braces has an admirable intent but unfortunately the two lubricants are not compatible.


Crane Stabilizers/Outriggers

Mobile truck based crane stabilizer and outrigger graphite coating.
Trucks used by utility, tree felling and fabrication companies often use extending legs to stabilize the truck while working in the cherry picker boom. These legs if not coated will rust, score, chatter as they are extended or retracted and can use excessive power to operate. A graphite coating provides a dry slippery surface which provides easy sliding and protects against rust and scoring.



Bicycle maintenance

Application Examples 

Our High Purity Graphite Powders are used as additives for
Seed Planting, Dispersion in grease formulations, Seal Manufacture, Mold Releases, Carbon alloy for molten iron and many other industry applications.

General use applications such as General lubrication of Locks, Gun Mechanisms, Boy Scout Derby Cars, Skate Boards, Bicycles and many more.